You may have found yourself wondering where on earth Phil's been lately, and how come I've not been blogging terribly much. And, perhaps, why I sometimes write in the third person. Well, I have some answers for you (but not for that last question).

For some time (several months, at least), I've been contemplating starting an independent blog. A corner of the internet I could call my own. A place owned by no one but me, and operated and controlled by me. With rumors spreading like wildfire about Yahoo!Mash (formerly Mosh), and with new ideas forming in my head about gaining some indepedence, I started investigating the purchase of my own domain, and learning how to bring it to life.

Through my research, I learned that some blog sites (such as Blogger and WordPress) have cool features that allow you to back up your entire blog, comments and all, and import them into a new system. Unfortunately, 360 does not offer this capability, so I had to back up my entire 360 blog by hand. That in itself was two solid weeks of work. Working a few hours a day every day, I managed to get my more than 200 blog entries backed up to another site.

If you're wondering what will become of my 360 page, fear not. It's not going anywhere. I love 360, and I've met some truly amazing people here. Plus, how else would I be able to read and comment on my friends' blogs? The main difference, now, is that I'll be blogging from a new location on the interweb. You, dear reader, are of course welcome to stop by and visit me. You can find me at:

I think you'll find it refreshing, and yet still familiar. Cheers to the future, and peace and good blogging to all!