Being a New Mexican, dealing with sickness is somewhat cultural. For instance, due to my less than perfect health yesterday, I knew I needed to do something to help me feel better. While talking to a friend of mine on the phone, she reminded me that I should probably stock up on vitamin C. In my dazed stupor, it seems I'd completely forgotten to do that. Eventually, I did get hungry and wanted to eat something for dinner. Usually when you're sick, the tendency is to lean toward eating bland, simple foods. Here's where culture kicks in. In New Mexico, the solution is always the same: green chile. Eat anything you want (or almost anything), and as long as it involves green chile, you're good to go. The theory is, basically, that the best way to get healthy again is not to suppress symptoms, but rather to burn them out.

After being cooped up all day at home in bed, I thought it'd be nice to go out. I was not keen on driving myself, though, given how light-headed I'd been all day, so my partner, Robert, picked me up and took me out. We headed for Subway, where I could not only get a fresh sub sandwich, but a fresh sub sandwich loaded with green chile. This is exactly the ticket to regaining health. Lots and lots of green chile. Did you know that a single green chile packs more vitamin C than an orange? It's amazing stuff.

While eating my sandwich at Subway, it came to my attention that there was muzak coming from the ceiling speakers. Not a bad thing, necessarily. But then I realized that the clearly quite crazy Subway employees had the local soft pop station on. And because it was at night, the stunningly horrible "DJ" Delilah was on the air. Hearing that monotone voice of hers did not make me feel any better. I mean, listening to poorly written "love" songs and then hearing sappy discussion in between? That's fodder for depression, that is.