Nearly There

One thing about being sick is that you wind up spending an awful lot of time at home. While I initially spent much of my time laying about reading and watching movies, I also get rather antsy. So, as is probably par for the course, I found myself doing all sorts of things around the house yesterday. And now the entire place is clean. And was cleaned within about a two-hour time span. It's the strangest form of motivation ever, but it was surprisingly effective. I even broke out the Drain-O and attacked the shower drain. For some time now, my shower drain has been what those in the plumbing profession refer to as "slow." As in, it's not clogged, it just takes ten minutes to drain all the water from a five-minute shower. Which means that my showers for the past who-knows-how-long were half-shower, half-involuntary foot soak.

It's not like I did nothing about it, though. At one point, I tried using Liquid Plumr. I poured in half the bottle, waited, then ran hot water down the drain. Result? No change. Thinking I'd change tactics, and use the other option for proper use of the stuff, I filled the tub some, then poured the other half of the bottle. Result? No change. Nada.

After that, I just sort of gave up on it for awhile. I'm sure some part of my subconscious was beginning to associate showers with the sloshing of water and the complete immersion of my feet. As in, it was rather pleasant. But when I was at Walgreen's during the week, and there was a two-for-one sale on Walgreen's's Imitation Drain-O, and decided I'd try using that. Why not, right?

Well, lo and behold, the Imitation Drain-O ( "compare to Liquid Plumr!" ) kicked ass on the drain, and my shower is back in business. It's almost weird to not be sloshing water with my feet, as I have become so accustomed to it. But then again, it's nice to know that everything is working properly. It's like my shower is brand-new again! Which is awesome.

What's also awesome is that, finally, I'm feeling better. Oh sure, I'm still pretty nasal, and the skin on my nose is all dry and red (maybe I should take out some stock in Kimberly-Clark, seeing as I've been pretty much keeping them in business over the last few days), and I'm still coughing a little bit. But I'm feeling a thousand times better, and almost back to my normal self.

I went to the zoo with Robert today, and he pointed out that the fresh air would probably do me some good. He was right. Being outdoors on such a beautiful day was great. And there was so much to see! People pointing and waving at animals whose backs were to them. People pointing and waving at other people. A little girl with some sort of toy doll she was trying to decapitate with her teeth. Oh, and yeah, there were all sorts of cool animals to see, too. It was fun.