It seems the custodian stealer thief guy has discriminating taste after all. I left those fruity chips for him, and was disappointed beyond all reason when I walked into the office this morning and saw that they were still there. But he'd made off with an unopened bag of Starbucks coffee from the refrigerator. Oh sure, just leave behind the stuff I actually want you to take! I guess my fruity chips can't compete even with coffee. I still have some hope, though. I left the chips out again tonight, in a more "hidden" location. And if that fails again, I've decided I might even try pouring the nasty things into another chip bag, just to see if another kind of chip might be more tempting. If all else fails, I'm going to leave a sign on the chips, or maybe on the dry erase board, that says "Just take the damn chips already, geez!"

While my morning started off lousy thanks to wild disappointment because my chips weren't stolen, I cheered up a little bit when I looked at a few pictures I'd taken on my phone yesterday during one of my speech sessions. We were playing with Mr. Potato Head, a good time in and of itself. I was made better, though by my student. I happened to be sitting directly across the table from him, and so was at a particularly, uh, interesting vantage point.

When it comes to potato heads, I've only ever played with them the way you're supposed to. I occasionally would step outside the box, and put an arm on its head or some equally silly thing. I never thought to create the thing completely upside down. As in, place the hat where the shoes go and vice versa. My student did this, to each of three different ones. He didn't even change it up a little, but kept making them upside down.

Cute, I thought. Or silly. Or whatever. Until I noticed what these creatures looked like from the back, thanks to my unusual vantage point. As it turns out, making potato heads upside down makes them offensive to the person who has to look at them from the back. I got mooned by every one of those things. Granted, I don't think having the potato heads drop trou and moon me was intentional, but yikes. That didn't make it any easier for me at the time.

potato head 1 potato head 2 potato head 3