I spent my day at work today with my mind in a completely different place. But it wasn't my fault. Honestly. I've been contemplating, for a while now, the purchase of digital camera. I've had my trusty 35mm for years, and lately I've been thinking it's time I get with the times in the photography world. The time is ripe anyway, considering how many pictures I've been taking. Trips to Wal-Mart have increased in frequency, much to my chagrin. I hate that place with a passion. But they're the only place in town I know of that sends film to Fuji to be developed, so I've managed to hold my nose, breathe as little as possible, and run into and out of the store as quickly as I can. It's definitely worth it, though, because most of the pictures are taken during various adventures with my wonderful partner.

Yesterday, because we didn't have any plans for the day and I was feeling spontaneous, I asked Robert if he'd mind going camera shopping with me. I wanted to get out there and learn about them, and see if I could find a camera I liked. Whatever I had envisioned, I didn't plan on spending nearly an hour at Circuit City, more than two hours at Best Buy, and then another hour at CompUSA. Nor did I imagine that I might make a totally split-second decision and buy a camera. But that's what happened.

At first, I sort of entertained the idea of getting one of several different fabulous cameras, right then and there. Next thing I know, I'm buying a souped up version of one I had considered; it was marked down an insane amount, given its original price. I'm not terribly good at making big purchases, especially such spur-of-the-moment ones. The whole process seems a blur, in slow motion. One minute, I was but a humble person with an old-school camera (which I still love). Next minute, I'm the proud owner of my very own ass-kicking camera of digital coolness.

The answer to the standard "how was your weekend" question was the same each time: "I got a digital camera! I got a digital camera! Did I tell you I got a digital camera?"

Throughout the day, my thoughts drifted back to where I had left it at home. I knew better than to bring it to work with me, lest I get nothing done whatsoever. But dang. I got a digital camera! I got a digital camera! Did I tell you I got a digital camera?