Whoever came up with the concept of meetings was clearly a psycho lunatic glutton for punishment. I'd say some form of action should be taken against said sorry excuse for a human being, but... that someone would probably enjoy whatever retribution was inflicted. I had to wake my ass up at 6 o'clock this morning just to go to what could very well have been the worst meeting in the history of the world (though by the aforementioned creator's definition, maybe it was the best one). I am a firm believer that of all things worth waking up for in the morning, anything termed a "meeting" belongs not on such a list, but in the seventh circle of hell. That's how much I hate them.

As fate would have it, I also had an afternoon meeting. Which, to do the math, means that I had to be at work early for a meeting, and then I had to stay late for a meeting. The extra time I put in at both meetings does not get me any additional pay. While I'd prefer at least time and a half, I suppose I'd settle for brownie points of some kind. But I don't even get those, dammit.

The main plus for the workday, which only barely counts for anything because it really wasn't all that great, was the trip to the grocery store. I forgot to get some supplies for a speech activity today, and so had to escape to the grocery to buy them. While hunting for the bottled water, running through the store at top speed and simultaneously marveling at how a normally familiar store suddenly becomes a foreign country when one is in a hurry, a single thought suddenly popped into my head: I should ask for help.

Phil: Excuse me, where do you all keep the bottled water? Bewildered Woman: I'm sorry? Phil: I'm looking for bottled water but can't find it anywhere. Can you point me in the right direction? BW: ... Phil: ...Yoooouuu don't work here, do you? BW: No. Phil: You sure had me fooled, what with the white shirt and navy jacket, and I see your name tag on, too. BW: I'm on my break and decided to run across the street. Phil: Oh how interesting! BW: Hey look! There's the bottled water! Phil: Wow, look at you! You're sooooo helpful. Thanks!

And we parted in silence. A good idea considering how awkward a moment it was. But that should teach her to dress like all the grocery's employees and fool the unsuspecting. I wouldn't be surprised if that happens to her on a regular basis. If this was true, I just might feel a little less lame.