I'm not sure whether I should be happy that my weekend ended on the note it did, or depressed. On the one hand, it ended nice and low key. On the other, it's kind of depressing. Given just how awesome a weekend I had, it could just be par for the course. I got to do the usual amount of lazing around the house, sleeping in, and generally lavishing in having nothing to do except what I wanted to. Saturday night, Robert and I went to a Halloween party. Though in recent years, I've been considerably remiss in my Halloween costume obligations, I came back with a vengeance this year. We got a head start on costume ideas, which proved to be invaluable for me. No more waiting until the last minute for this guy. We got started in September, and it proved to be totally worth it.

RastaI went Rastafarian. Sort of a Bob Marley meets Matisyahu sort of mix, I suppose, if you want my personal Reggae outlook. But check it out: baggy pants, chill shirt with the Hawaiian shirt combo, awesome tattooed arms, and dread locks the likes of which only the most chaste of people could go without touching, even though I know they really wanted to.

Robert went Egyptian for the evening. It was pretty much what you'd expect for a storybook, should said storybook follow some pattern of cross-century, cross-cultural theme: Rastafarian meets Pharoah, Rastafarian falls in love with Pharoah, Rastafarian runs off with Pharoah. Sure, an unlikely pair, but hey, it's Halloween.

Rasta Meets PharoahOf course, once the Karaoke started, the Rasta suddenly became rock 'n roll, belting out tunes to rock the party and even incorporating a stunning yet dizzying display of head-banging, a la Brian Fair from Shadows Fall.

Red and blue united today, in the form of 3-D glasses. Robert and I hit the theaters and went to see Disney's re-release of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, in 3-D. I can't think of a better movie for my first ever 3-D movie theater experience. I suppose I could have gone to see Spy Kids 3D: Game Over, but that one was out of the question thanks to my swearing to never watch any movies in that series, due in large part to their previews. But seriously, I jumped first at the chance to see The Nightmare Before Christmas in the theater, and the added bonus of 3-D was quite fantastic.

Here's the part where things get sad. After all that fun, I went to the grocery to pick up some food for the week. To Albertson's I went. After getting everything I needed, and then purchasing the goods, the cashier told me to hold on and wait for my special stamp. That super reinforcing thing to encourage people to shop there: the stamp that, should you collect enough of them, can get you free cookware, or at least reduced cost cookware. The cashier actually left to go find some while I was on my way out. And what's worse is that I actually waited for her to return. A nearly-three-minute wait for one measly stamp. Not even worth the product value ratio, but darn it, I want that square grill.