It's November 4th. The month has barely begun, and I'm already swamped. This year, I decided to have a go at National Novel Writing Month. I have begun the writing process, set up on the whole idea for my novel (sort of) and with the help of some friends, devised a plan to write a certain amount of words per day in order to make the precise word count. Not surprisingly, I'm already a day behind. Looking at the month ahead, I've come to the following conclusions:

  1. I probably should have instead opted for Nation Blog Posting Month, as it would be an easier alternative given my crazy time constraints at the moment.
  2. Because of a number of things happening this month that must happen, I have decided not to hold myself to the stringent rules of NaNoWriMo. This means that I will still write, and continue on the project I've begun, but if I can't work every single day on it, I won't be too upset.
  3. NaNoWriMo's servers, despite being as strong as they say on the site, are so catastrophically slow that I can't even log in to post stuff on there anyway.

So far, the writing process for me has gone like this:

  • Nov. 1: Holy shit, it's November 1, and I have no idea what I'm going to write about. But I'm going to start typing something anyway. Two hours later, I'm thinking to myself that I seriously hate what I've started. If I had half a brain, I'd send it straight to the trash bin on the computer. Instead, I take a nap. Later, after dinner, another two hours spent working. What started out as hate has become fiery loathing.
  • Nov. 2: A long-ass day at work. I arrive home with the intent of churning out the next day's word count. I decide to actually work on some character and plot stuff, to hopefully cut down on the number of hours I seem to need for this. I write about 100 words once I'm done planning, then go to dinner and a theater show with Robert for the evening. Dinner at one fabulously delicious restaurant, and Vampire Lesbians of Sodom to round out the evening. Life is grand!
  • Nov. 3: Time to play catch-up for Friday's slip-up. I get to writing, but only get through Friday's work, not Saturday's. My eyes feel abused for looking at the computer screen for as long as they did.
  • Nov. 4: It's enough of a chore just to set the clocks back. There's no way I'm going to do a bunch of writing today. I'm taking the day off. And oh yeah, I'm going to finish that letter of intent for my grad school application. Must hurry on that.

In other news, it seems one of my recent blog posts is making waves. One of the pilots for the Darth Vader balloon paid me a visit and left a comment for my amusement. Judging by his harsh tone, methinks he was a wee bit offended. I never claimed to be an authority (I'm a blogger, not a reporter), so I see no reason why I can't lie all I want, regardless of whether said lies can be accepted. In any case, I was really ragging on the pin vendors (well, one vendor in particular, but only because they suck). To the Darth Vader peeps: you're still cool, but just be careful not to burn the fabric on your balloon with your own burner again, capisce?