It’s been one of those days. Very fortunately, it ended on a good note. But I’m going to vent anyway, because I can.

  • You in the blue jeans and baseball jacket. I suggest you lose the Mets cap, and if you lose the enormous glasses now, I might be able to see again. You’re not cool, with your faux New York accent and attitude. You’re one man eating dinner in a pizza place with three women, and despite all your brazen efforts, the only one laughing at your “jokes” is you. People who were cool “back in the day”, to borrow your phrasing, are probably still pretty cool now. And they don’t talk about the “good old days.” You’re lucky no one kicked you out of the place for telling your poor server “When I was your age, I looked like I do now.” Although I suppose dissing yourself like that in front of complete strangers takes guts, I’m amazed that you were shocked by the guy saying “that sucks” in response.
  • I went to the bank today to, and had to wait twenty minutes for something that took all of forty-five seconds to get done. Everyone in front of me had some issue of major concern that took two tellers (at least) to address. Truth be told, the main source of my impatience stemmed from standing in front of the strange, smelly, quasi-gay delivery guy. Yeah, not so much.
  • I overheard a conversation yesterday at lunch that involved one guy saying the words “Mel Gibson” and “wonderful” in the same sentence. Had I no sense of proper work decorum, that someone would have gotten slapped, big time. I don’t care what you think the man knows about the native people to the Americas, the fact that he’s such a bigoted, homophobic Anti-Semite should cancel out any goodness you think there might be. He’s like the male version of Ann Coulter, all theatrical and righteous. I bet if you put the two of them in a room together, things would get pretty freaky.