The effects of the local anesthetic to my head from yesterday have finally worn off. I didn't realize, even after being up and moving yesterday, just how much the stuff affected me. Later in the day, I was able to drive okay, but I kept it to a minimum, thankfully. Of course, I only realize this now that I'm back to normal. I went to a house concert (literally, a concert at someone's house) for one of my college friends. She's an amazing songwriter, and every time I see her perform, she's pretty much twice as good as she was the time before. It's awesome.

I couldn't stay for the whole show, because I was pretty wiped. It was certainly an interesting challenge to mingle with some of the people there. I knew some people there, but as usual, I got to meet a bunch of people I didn't know. I was pretty exhausted by the time I got there, and I must have been a sight when trying to talk to people and remain standing, because I wasn't exactly good at it.

So I talked, sort of swaying back and forth, and all the while looking for a place to sit. My mind sort of took turns drifting: topic at hand, where's a place to sit?, topic at hand, my head hurts, oh fuck, what am I supposed to be talking about again? And so on.

At some point, I wound up talking to a girl I'd never before met. She seemed nice, if a bit off kilter. She smelled of smoke and spent a lot of time talking about unconditional love. Then she suggested I go sit on the couch next to her so we could be good concert-going spectators. It was bad timing, for my part, because my brain, in its drifting state, was currently in the "finding a place to sit" phase. Against my more rational judgment, I agreed.

And thus ensued an extremely uncomfortable thirty minutes, in which I did everything I could to not let the woman violate my personal space, or even come into contact with my skin. Which, by the way, she seemed extremely to do. She kept nudging me and grabbing my arm and talking to me like we'd known each other since grade school. And because the house was settled, I found myself trapped.

Between songs, however, I managed to make my escape. I was ready to leave anyway, and just relax for the rest of the evening. I managed to get up because I'd spotted someone I knew who I hadn't yet gotten to say hello to. Ah, sweet victory! We chatted, I stayed for one more song, and then got my dog-tired self the heck out of there.

Great music + great company with the exception of one person = pretty good time.

Next time my friend plays here, I'll hopefully be in a better state to enjoy her show, and to steer clear of unwanted advances from those seeking unconditional love from complete strangers. But all's well that ends well, isn't that how the saying goes?

Today I'm up and about, and doing fantastic. One of the highlights of the day has been the breeze. When I'm outside, and the wind brushes through my hair, my crazy antennae stitches get blown around a little bit too. It's one of the weirdest sensations I've ever felt, sort of a cross between a tickle and a very light massage. I'm just glad the feeling is present (update: and "pleasant" too). At least that's one thing cool out of this ordeal.