When I got to eat toast with apple jelly this morning (not apple butter, but actual apple jelly), I knew the day was off to a good start. I seriously think apple jelly is one of the greatest things on earth. I went my whole life not knowing about it, and then I took a trip to Taos with my partner over Labor Day this year. We stayed at a ski resort, and for breakfast, they had small packets of apple jelly to enjoy with your toast or English muffin. Talk about a convert! Even though I was full, I simply had to eat another English muffin, just so I could have apple jelly again. It's like gold. And, interestingly enough, hard to find. It took me two months of searching every grocery store I entered before I finally found some of this manna.

But I digress. This evening, Robert and I ventured into territory virtually unknown to gay men such as ourselves: Babies 'R' Us. We went in search of goods for our friend's upcoming baby shower. We figured Babies 'R' Us would have a plenty of variety, and would be a good place to start for us, because, for lack of a better explanation, we were clueless.

For my part, I was not exactly thrilled to be going into the store. As a former Toys 'R' Us purist, thanks to my being born in its heyday, I felt that any deviation the company made was not true to form, and therefore I would never, ever set foot in either of the lesser forms of 'R' Us stores.

I have to recant, though, because damn. There was so much cute stuff! The moment we walked, in, we sought help from one of the employees. We needed to be pointed in the direction of boys' clothes, stat. She was very nice, and pointed us in general directions around the store that might be useful for us.

And off we went. Before long, we were completely lost in this world of tiny things. Other shoppers in the store were calmly looking through the racks while we traipsed through the place, all the while oohing and ahhing over all the cute outfits we saw.

The staff, meanwhile, seemed amused by our antics, though I noticed they did their best not to show it. I guess it's not often they get so much fabulosity in their store.