Sleepus Momentus

A persistent itch on my head remains even now that the stitches are gone. A strong sense of exhaustion engulfs me still, after an exhausting day yesterday. Together, they serve to bring me to a sort of wakeful state of sleep, or else a sleepy form of awakeness. To the point that "awakeness" is being used as an actual word. Throughout the day today, I found myself dragging. Shuffling around the house in the morning. Shuffling to the car. Shuffling to breakfast. Shuffling around the stores we visited. By the time we were at the grocery, my feet were barely leaving the ground. Though it could just be that gravity is suddenly acting much more forcefully upon me, thus making it difficult to raise my feet very high above the ground.

It really doesn't matter. What does matter is getting some sleep. Yes, I think that's very much in order.