Today has been the best Monday I’ve had in a while. It was a nice day all around. I even did my part to help fight world hunger. I learned about a really cool website where anyone can go and help the fight against world hunger. It’s called Free Rice. Their philosophy is based on a question: how can people help a good cause and also benefit? The answer is that you take a vocabulary test! They show words, then give you a list of four options to answer which one matches the meaning of the posted word. For each word you get right, ten grains of rice is added to the pile. So you get to learn all sorts of new words, and starving people get food. The cool thing is that the site is completely non-profit, and the rice itself is bought by companies who advertise on the website.

So while you learn about new words like magniloquence, hinterland, coadjutor, adamantine, and antipyretic, rice will be compiling. Ten grains may not seem like much, but in a very short amount of time, I managed to donate almost 2,000 grains. Every little bit helps. The nice thing about the vocabulary is that it works to meet your “level” of vocabulary expertise. And if you don’t feel much like thinking, why not get by with a little help from your friends? Many people will be glad you did.

And now: reasons why I’m excited about tomorrow: