Dead Friday

Today was the day after Thanksgiving. In retail land, this day is known as Black Friday. For those who seek to spread a message of peace and encourage less consumption on all counts, today is Buy Nothing Day. For me, today was simply the day after Thanksgiving. The last few weeks, we've had reasonably mild weather. Mild meaning it's been t-shirt and pants weather. Cold at night and in the morning, and warm enough to wonder whether you're getting a farmer's tan when you're outside during the day. The weather decided to do its usual Albuquerque thing (read: something totally bizarre), though. Clouds rolled in yesterday, and it suddenly decided to snow. It snowed through the night and through most of today. Big flakes, too. But the kicker: none of it stuck. Cars got blanketed a little bit, as did the grass. But the roads only got a little wet here in the city (other parts of the state weren't so lucky). So we were still able to get out and enjoy ourselves.

As far as shopping goes, I'm not terribly fond of the masses of people you encounter everywhere on this day. Robert and I wound up going to a couple of book stores, the Apple store, and, of course, the grocery store. While out, one thing I picked up was this CD, and after barely listening to it, I was hooked. I bought it on the premise that anything by Dr. Seuss is cool, and I was not disappointed. Next up: seeing the production in real life.

The highlight of the day, though, involved a trip to the Albuquerque Museum. We went to see Temples and Tombs: Treasures of Egyptian Art from The British Museum, the current featured exhibit there. The exhibit focused a great deal on Egyptian sculptures, and I was in anthropology-hog heaven the entire time. Though I'm fascinated by the civilization, I can't imagine me being well-liked, should I inadvertently be transported back in time there. Something tells me a gay Jew would not exactly be popular. But maybe if I told them how fabulous all their artwork and style is, they'd let me live.