After looking at my previous blog entry, it came to my attention that it made very little sense. Which is kind of awesome, in its own right. But that's the quality writing you get when you're only half paying attention to what you're typing, while the rest of your attention is focused on the "Thanksgiving Leftovers" special on Saturday Night Live. Robert with baby shower gifts!On to the new stuff. Today was a big day: for the first time ever, I attended a baby shower. Both Robert and myself attended, and both of us were virgins. We are no longer. Although none of the "embarrassing games" of which I've heard tell were played. So in that regard, I guess we're not entirely unvirginized.

Of course, we had to regale people at the shower with our shopping tale. We heard plenty of other stories, and heard discussions involving subjects we'd just as soon not want to take part in. Mostly of the diaper changing and diaper rash variety. I must admit I hadn't expected such open and forthright conversation.

Phil with baby shower gifts!Even though we weren't the only male creatures at the shower (our host's husband and son were both there), we were the only ones talking baby shower talk with the ladies.

What also made this baby shower unique was that our friend expecting the baby was not, in fact, present. I wish her all the best! If she happens to see this blog entry, hopefully she'll enjoy the pictures of Robert and me next to our inaugural bags of gifts.

UPDATE 11/26:

I vaguely alluded to the fact that our friend was not present at her own baby shower. She had a really good reason not to be there, though: she was in the hospital having her baby! But since it was the second try at the shower, it happened anyway. At 12:20 this morning, the baby was born! He's four weeks premature, and our friend is in some pain. I'm sending as much positive energy her way as I possibly can, and also a hearty congratulations.

Lastly, my new blog friend Aimee recently posted about how the month of November is, among other things, Prematurity Awareness Month. I want to thank her for increasing my awareness, and again, I'm wishing our dear friend all the best!