First things first. I somehow managed to get fuzz in my eye today. It could have been from my coworker's jacket with fuzzy contours, or it could have been from my new pair of gloves I wore practically all day because of the ice sculptures that had taken the place of my hands. Whatever the cause, I got a fuzzy in my eye, and it took a great deal of blinking (about two minutes' worth, at approximately three blinks per second) as well as some water splashed in my eye to get the damn thing out. Ow. Second. And, really, more important. Tonight was the official launch of Kathy Griffin's newest special stand-up show, Straight to Hell. It aired on Bravo (of course) and it was nothing short of fabulous.

Thanks to my lack of cable television, it was Robert who clued me in to this must-see event. While watching it tonight, we realized that we had heard/seen a good deal of this show already. When? Why, when we went to see her live in Albuquerque back in July! Before seeing Kathy, I had never seen a stand-up comedian live. So seeing her on that tour was awesome! And then getting to see what had had me in hysterics at the show a second time was also awesome. Having seen it live first, though, I felt a sense of privilege, because I got to see it in its first incarnation.

Anyway. I was left wondering when the show they aired was recorded, figuring it must have been some time on the tour which we caught. Lo and behold, it was filmed on October 20th, so nearly three months after we had seen her. Their was new stuff, of course: her Emmy story that I had completely missed but thank heavens she filled me in because I was feeling like a totally lousy fan for having missed that seriously awesome spectacle, shit!; and then all the incredible press she got afterwards such as giant newspaper ads that cost over $90,000 (those Miracle Theater folks have an awful lot of money, apparently) calling for censorship in national newspapers because Kathy made a joke that ended with her saying "Suck it, Jesus. This award is my god now.", hot damn!

A night of humor and controversy, and I loved every minute of it. I shall now eagerly await the day when this show appears on DVD. Oh, and in case the censor-happy folks wanted to know, the next time I have the chance to see Kathy Griffin live, you can bet your ass that I'll be going. And I'll be bringing my partner with me. And this time, we may just bring a sign to hold up announcing: "Kathy, your gays are here!"