It's been one heck of an interesting evening. I've been wandering around noticing just how much I've been missing. My glasses finally arrived today. It seems like it's been ages since I had my eyes checked, it's only been a little over two weeks. When I first put on my new specs, I was shocked at how clear everything suddenly became. And every time the ladies at the optical shop asked me how the fit, all I kept saying was "I can see! Oh wait, what did you say? Yeah, they fit fine. But shit, it's a miracle!" And by miracle, I mean that I was amazed at just how little effort it took to see well. I think it'd been so long since I'd seen really clearly that I'd forgotten that you're really not supposed to have to work really hard just to see things in your immediate environment.

So when I drove home, I was stunned at how much I discovered I don't notice about the areas I drive. There was so much stuff to see! This isn't exactly a new revelation, either. Several months ago, I was wearing my old glasses while galavanting around town with Robert. He heard me gasp probably more than any human being should, as I gleefully pointed out all sorts of things to him as we drove along. And I'm a fucking native to this city. You'd think I would have the place fully committed to memory by now.

I've been wearing them all evening, breaking them in a little bit and getting used to them. When I walked outside to check the mail, I suddenly became aware of the details of the complex. I usually only ever notice the barbecue pit and the volleyball court. But today I noticed some of the differences in the landscape around the buildings beyond that area. Basically, the realization that there are things beyond my range of nearsighted vision came pretty much as a complete shock to me. You'd think it wouldn't, given that I was at least aware of everything's existence. But it's like I was noticing it all for the first time anyway.

Even in my apartment, things look different to me. It's almost like I now have x-ray vision, the way I'm seeing and noticing things around here. It's uncanny. Oh, I imagine the novelty will wear off soon enough, but I know one thing for sure: it's nice to see so clearly again.