Getting everything in order takes time. Not to mention energy. In other words, precious commodities which have been lacking in great quantities for me as of late. Tonight, I did my best to change that, a little bit. I finally got sick of the horribly cramped space my apartment was quickly becoming, and even though I was experiencing pretty serious exhaustion, I attacked the place with gusto. I made some good progress, and at least now I can actually see the majority of the carpet near the couch. The end goal of the cleaning will be to rid myself of the masses of things I never use anyway. Amazingly, it's been better practice for me to have that shit out in the open where I get sick of it, rather than just stuffing it into some sort of storage device and forgetting about it.

Other cleaning has involved my computer. I went through my programs folder, on the off chance that I had some programs that I had downloaded but no longer used. Over the course of the nearly three years I've had my computer, it turns out I accumulated oh, say, 30 or so programs I used approximately one time each. I bid them farewell, good riddance, etc. Just by deleting the silly games or complicated programs, I've managed to free up a good two or three gigabytes of space on my hard drive. Perhaps with this consolidation of files and whatnot, my computer might function more happily.

Of course, having some incentives to clean was really helpful. Sure, I wanted things cleaner, and that in itself is at least somewhat motivating. But I have Mac OS Leopard to look forward to installing on my computer. I've got a cool new computer stand slash filing cabinet to construct and add to the decor. And I had some new decoration to put up, in the form of a flippin' sweet Rocky Horror Picture Show wall hanging.

On a totally unrelated note, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy is coming to town tomorrow night, and yo, I'm going.