A Nerd Post: Not for the faint of heart

Twenty-four hours. That's about how long it's been that I've now been running Mac OS X Leopard on my computer. And is it ever totally rocking my world! I've had my iBook G4 for about three years now, having gotten it in Panther's heyday. I never did upgrade to Tiger, figuring that Panther suited me just fine, and who needed those fancy little Dashboard widgets, anyway? I do, that's who. I'm hooked on those things. Case in point: I've got a Twitter widget, a WordPress widget that isn't working all that well at the moment, and I'm playing and searching for more. It's fantastic! Other aspects I'm enjoying: Spaces. It's weird not to have a whole bunch of windows open in one screen. But considering I have a tiny 12-inch screen, having multiple screens to work from is, to say the least, fucking awesome. I have yet to try Time Machine, but I'll probably get to that tomorrow.

In other non-nerd-related news, I have a confession to make. When I went to the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy show the other night, I wanted to buy a t-shirt. You know, to commemorate the experience. The only t-shirt I liked, however, was a women's fitted tee. Unfortunately, my figure is not quite girlish enough for the curvature required of the fitted tee. I was like "Damn, I really want that shirt." But the girl behind the counter didn't seem to think it wise for me to purchase it, and I wound up getting a couple of pins instead. Which totally rules.

Finally. I realized today why I just barely got my glasses in time. Aside from the part about actually seeing clearly for a change, and being better able to see when I drive. Aside from all that, yes. I've lost count of the number of times my hands, for one reason or another, have crossed in the vicinity of my face, and nearly made contact, only to have a finger or two poke my glasses. I had no idea that I was so perilously close to poking my own eyes out. I like my eyes, and am grateful for the protection my specs offer, even at the cost of having to clean the things at least once a day thanks to all the fingerprints I get on them. Though I guess, in the end, it's worth it.