• Food Coma: (n) the state of being resulting from the consumption of copious amounts of foodstuffs in a short period of time, results and side effects which include, but are not limited to, drowsiness, sluggishness, slowed functioning of the brain and musculature, causing walking to become shuffling, delays in communication, and the desire to think only about said devoured food

Yes, indeed. I am currently in a food coma. And why yes! My typing speed has been cut in half. This particular food coma is the direct result of an excellent staff holiday dinner gathering secret santa dinner. At an amazing Italian restaurant. Where food, once it appeared, just seemed to keep coming. Salad. Eggplant Parmigiana. Spaghetti. Bread and butter. Cheese Manicotti. Cheese Ravioli. Garlic Mashed Potatoes. Tiramisu!

My first time to ever eat Tiramisu. Waves of pleasure induced by the stuff. Heavenly. Fantastic.

My partner watches me. Smiles. Tells me he’s never seen me in such a food-drunken state, and that it’s cute. I stop and smile back at him, letting his words sink in. And I smile back. A wonderful evening made perfect by such a touching observation. Bliss ensues. Ahhh…….

These aren’t his precise words. They’re actually my own words, but they seem so fitting that I had to use them for the sake of my questionable literary prowess.