I learned a few lessons this evening while in the presence of the familial unit. Some said lessons are broadly applicable to life, while others apply to this one area of my life.

  • Consuming alcohol in the presence of my folks is the best way to handle these people.
  • Trying to make light about something "gay" does nothing to help ease their comfort with the subject. It does just the opposite. Suddenly, gay-bashing jokes abound, choruses of "ewww" are heard, and yours truly is shocked even more by the homophobia that ensues. Can you say "awkward"? Can you say "uncomfortable"? Can you say "hateful and inappropriate"?
  • Family members say "I'll visit you" as if you've already invited them to wherever it is you may be. Must think of a tactful way to avoid such unwanted visits. Maybe I'll try "I don't want you to visit me" and leave it at that.

The beer did its job, though. I'm in considerably better spirits than I usually am after family functions these days. I give thanks to you, Blue Moon. I am ever so grateful.