In the spirit of continuing to chronicle the holidays as I experience them this year, it's time for the "Day After Christmas" installment, wherein I discover that if there's any day that can be considered the WORST day to do any shopping, it would be precisely on this day every year: December 26.* Whereas the intent of my shopping was to go in search of 2008 calendars (yearly tradition: half-priced calendars are a good thing), find some little Betty Boop letters for my desk, and to hit the grocery to replenish my nearly fully depleted food supply, other people go shopping for two reasons:

  • Returning unwanted Christmas gifts
  • Checking out more huge sales

I have two words to describe the malls: Oy. Vay. People were everywhere. I usually like to go and look around, and more or less just window shop. I couldn't even do that. It got to the point that I found myself missing the usually crowd that frequents the mall just to walk up and down, loitering here and there just because it's the cool thing to do. To hang out at the mall. At least then I can actually walk into stores and not want to tossing things from the aisles because it's impossible to move through the aisles or even look at what there is to see.

So. Long story short. I got what I was looking for. Offers of fabulous sales did not, in fact, entice me to make any companies less whiney about their "drops in sales." I did, however, finally find a set of cool clip on sunglass frames for my glasses. Which means not only can I now see to drive: I can even see to drive in broad daylight! It's awesome.

*If you read carefully, you'll notice that my introductory paragraph to this blog entry is, in fact, a single, long-ass, sentence.