My Poor Brain

I'm pretty sure I don't have any functioning brain cells left. In fact, I need new frying pans now. Blame here lies, of course, with the impending doom that is graduate school. I'm about to be removed from my comfortable little not-going-to-school life, where I have a good job and get the nights to myself during the week, and into the hotbed that is graduate school in California. Along with the fun and responsibility that comes with school, I have the added bonus of having to pay for school. No easy task, considering my ass is out of state, and I'll be living in California, of all places. Where the cost of living for one year rivals the cost of a mission to Mars.

I've been eyebrows deep in paperwork, online and off, trying to figure out how on earth I'm going to get the money I need to pay for my first semester of school. This might be easier were I starting in the fall, especially because then I'd have a few months to figure things out. Instead, I've got about a week and a half. I guess that's what I get for accepting the offer, and well hey, applying this soon in the first place.

But there's something to be said for this too, I suppose. Like, instead of spending two whole months agonizing over what a pain in the not-so-proverbial tush this is, I'll be through with the bitching and moaning in less than two weeks. Unless it doesn't happen. In which case, well, I'll just be screwed. And I probably wouldn't complain any more at that point anyway.

It's amazingly hard, though, to get all the necessary paperwork done. There's the initial process, where you have to go through your life history and then sign your life away to the tune of how much money you don't have. And then when you go to get the money you might get lucky enough to get on loan, you have to actually produce the documents for the school's perusal. Next on the list, no doubt, would be to donate a few duplicate bodily organs. You know, for collateral, or perhaps just as part of the payment process.

I wish there was some program available that would pay you for spam. Perhaps one of the companies that gets your address when you sign up for different services online (*cough* roommate finder services! *cough*) should be forced into a deal where, because they're sending ME email and taking up MY time by clogging up my inbox, they should pay a dollar for each spam message I receive. A small price to pay when you consider how expensive other forms of advertising can be. And it'd be altruistic enough that I'd be less annoyed by the spam, because I'd probably be making like $50-$100 a day. It could be all forms of spam, too, and then all that comment spam I get on this blog could be put to good use as well. I'd be living it large in California in no time. Sayonara, student loans!

Whatever, Phil. Keep dreaming.