For some reason, my iTunes queue keeps going back to the speed metal. No matter how much I skip that shit. I'm pretty sure every other song that comes up is DragonForce. Which, had I a few drinks under my belt, might not be such a bad thing. But I'm totally not in the mood to hear super fast songs with titles that include words like 'rampage', 'revolution', and 'fury'. Like, ever. Sort of like how I have no desire to ever again hear that bullshit song Citizen Soldier from the rock and roll traitors. Thank you, I'll do without the propaganda in the movie theaters. At least with the ads they keep playing for the new and improved American "Don't Fuck With Us" Gladiators, it's wholesome, unadulterated, staged violence. I love how everyone for that show has some name that either encourages violence, or else is vaguely patriotic. "Militia" and "Justice" being my two favorites. And then, of course, the one person with a normal name turns out to be a total angry-she's-not-a-lesbian-because-she's-so-fucking-butch Russian chick whose name is, naturally, Helga. I mean, could television possibly get any better than that? I'll say no more, lest I be stating the obvious.

In summary, I'm still fighting a residual cough from the flu. It's back to work tomorrow. Time is running out. California is calling. Stress beckons, but I'm not giving in. This transition still sucks, though. And my neighbor on the other side of my wall is getting annoying, now pounding the wall for some reason. I know it's not me: there's no way you can pound the wall on account of the Silver Jews. No way.