The fun never ends, it would seem. I'm having such a blast in my continued effort for acquiring funding for this rather expensive endeavor that is graduate school. Just when I thought I had everything good to go, a quick call to the loan people informs me that, uh, they actually need more. But this time, when they tell me I'm all set they really, really mean it. Like, pinky swear mean it. Maybe I should find a Gideon and make them tell me that in his presence. Because if you've ever tried to lie to a Gideon, you might have found that it's pretty much impossible. And maybe then I could sleep more soundly, comfortable in the knowledge that, at least for this first spring semester, I'll be able to take my classes and not be homeless.

Instead, I'm stuck another day in flux. Waiting. Hoping. And, thanks to having to spend an inhuman number of hours on the phone trying to not die, I've run out of time. No more day phone calls for a few days. Blood-sucking cell phone companies. Damn them.

I'm sure the Gideons would have a proverb to share with me for the occasion. Hopefully nothing as lame as a local church whose marquee recently said "Make your new year's resolution Jesus's plan." Or something to that effect. Don't let me down, Gideons. I'm counting on you.