I wake up refreshed this morning. Feeling all right. Blink the sleep out of my eyes. See the sun shining through the cracks of my window. Stretching. Realize that the sun is not supposed to be shining when I get up for work. Check the time. Shout "Fuck!" out loud when I see that it's ten till eight. Not feeling so all right anymore. Fly into action. Running late, straight up. Amazing speed. Fly out of bed. Make myself presentable (and clean, too). Curse the alarm clock that failed me. Throw a lunch together. Bolt some food and call it "breakfast." Jump in the car and head toward work forty minutes later. Arrive at work. Realize that it's Tuesday, and work on Tuesday starts at 7:fucking30. Um. Oops. My bad?

It was an otherwise uneventful day. But every time this happens to me, the whole day gets thrown off, and trying to get it back on track is akin to attempting to train a gerbil to "sit" on command. As in, it's totally not worth the effort.

Oh well. C'est la vie. Tomorrow is another day. Maybe if I get it a nice lawn chair, the gerbil will actually sit down. Maybe. Better yet, maybe I'll learn not to use bad similes when I blog. Don't hold your breath, though.