Well, then. I've been here a solid thirty-six hours or so now, and damn. A roller coaster of the emotional variety decided to make a train wreck of itself. On me. In the never-ending saga of dealing with la familia, today was wrought with discussion of how I should be living my life (or not living it, as it were), whether or not to keep buttons that weren't attached to shirts, and whether or not I had done my laundry yet. All clearly relevant and related items, and paramount to my success here while I dabble in the thing they call "grad school."

Aside from having to expunge all sorts of emotional traumaticness, I had a not-too-bad day today. I got out and explored the area some. I went shopping for a bike to get around on. I went into a Target store that was actually on the second floor (the first floor is a parking garage, in which I parked, naturally). Obviously, I was surprised when I didn't see Captain Kirk OR Mr. Spock, what with the whole shopping cart escalator thing they had right next to the escalators you climbed to walk into the place. High. Fucking. Tech.

I got owned on the road by a number of mini vans, driven by both sexes. I went to a nearby mall, which turned out to be awesome. I wandered a bunch of stores, ogled a bunch of cute puppies and bunny rabbits, avoided kiosk sales peeps by saying vague things like "not today," "I've already got one of those," and "I don't, no," to the questions "Do you have a cell phone?", "Do you want to to smell? Aromatherapy!", and "Can I ask you a quick question?", respectively.

I bought myself a map of the city, in the hopes that it might lessen the number of times I end up getting lost. I found my local Apple store. I found a cool place to buy shoes, only they didn't seem to carry any shoes in my size, so that was kind of useless. And I found a scrapbook store, too.

Finally, I took myself out to the California Pizza Kitchen for dinner. When I first tried to eat there, it was like a fifty minute wait. So I wandered around the mall for like two hours, and by the time I got back, I was hungrier than I was before anyway. Diversified pizza is the name of the game there. So of course I wasn't going to eat just any kind of pizza like I would anywhere else. I wanted something totally unique to this place. Tostada pizza was where it was at. Left field crazy ass bizarre sounding, but as I was craving adventure, I sprang for it. Three words: oh so delicious. I'm already excited about my leftovers for lunch tomorrow.