Some haps, in the form of an unordered list:

  • Current count for items of furniture, fully assembled: two. Today, among other things, I put together a printer stand slash file drawer. An hour, it says? For one person to assemble that thing? Try two and a half. They failed to account for the excessive use of screws. My hands are raw from turning the screw driver over in my hands so many times. Which completely sucks. They’re all red and tender and everything. I guess it serves my own piece of furniture right that it’s not horizontally sound. it’s slightly lopsided, and the wood didn’t fit perfectly right in some places. But I got it together, and if I hadn’t just made note of that, no one would be any the wiser. Unless someone is a total nerd and pays attention to things like that. Sheesh.
  • I did some exploration today. Sans map, even. I just picked a street and drove until I couldn’t go any farther. Well. At least until it looked liked I’d need some pretty hefty government clearance of some kind in order to go farther. I saw some more of the mountains in the area, and didn’t find much of anything that would be useful to me or would warrant my returning that way ever again. Regardless, though, it was fun. I’ll be doing more of that here very soon.
  • I’m still not used to having roommates. For some reason, I feel obligated to interact with everyone who’s home, or who just arrives. I’m like a puppy that has to go and greet them, and then chat them up for a few minutes before being able to return to my room or to whatever it was that was occupying my time before another resident arrived. Perhaps one of these days I’ll get told to fuck off and go do my own thing, and I will forevermore be cured of puppy dog syndrome.