Blue skies and sunshine: enjoy them while you can. The weathermen and weatherwomen were wrong today. Mercifully so. As in, it didn't rain all day long, as it has the previous few days. I think I'll chalk it up to my needing a sunny day. Not only was I sick and tired of the gloom, but more importantly, I just bought a bike. And dammit, I wanted to ride it. And dammit, I did ride it. The weather was nice enough to let me have my ride to and from campus, free of rainfall. Delightful. It clouded up again tonight, though, and has been raining all evening. According to a server I talked to while out on the town (I unwittingly went right over to UCLA--I had no idea that that's where it was located, but there I went), we have joyous warnings of flash floods and heavy rainfall. What the fuck, people? At least I have my handy umbrella that I've had for like ten years which, up to now, was mint condition.

Still, I didn't let the rain deter me (tomorrow will probably be a different story, but I'm not going to lie, I want the weather people to be so wrong they have to go back into remedial meteorology). While most times, Californians know only one speed (that would be: acceleration), they were stunningly adept at making driving conditions not-all-that-bad. I was a little surprised to see the freeway jam-packed at 11:30 at night as I headed home for the evening (though I'm finding I shouldn't let anything around here surprise me), the fact that the freeway went a consistent 50 mph or so was, for lack of a better phrase, damn nice.

Oh, and before I forget, if you ever find yourself in LA, don't leave without going to Diddy Riese. Cookies and ice cream at a bitchin' awesome price. And probably some of the most delicious bites you will ever take in your entire life. Go. Just go. Don't question, just go. I'm pretty sure they have one of these both in heaven and hell, because it's something that no one (and I mean no one) should ever live without.