It really is from Star Trek

Graduate school is finally becoming a reality. Oh, sure, I've been in school a week already. But today happened to be the day I discovered just how much work is actually involved. What better way to spend a Sunday than holed up in the library, and then my room, muddling my way through four chapters of two respective textbooks, then taking three online quizzes, participating in online discussion, and sending an introductory email to my professor. While I generally try to avoid as much responsibility as possible on weekends, I made an exception today because I was desperate. Plus it was all icky and rainy outside. Which, interestingly enough, is fairly motivating weather when one has a great deal of homework to do.

So I learned about poorly formulated concepts like "pinball wizardry" models of how language works in the brain. And I had the pleasure of reviewing acronyms versus initialisms. By the way, I totally shook my head when 'iPod' was listed as an acronym. Yeah, the nerd who wrote the textbook was clearly not a computer nerd.