Since when is 900 pages considered "light" reading? I'll tell you when. Since that nutjob monopoly guy professor of mine said so in class this afternoon. But wait, it gets better. He pulled out his monocle and rechecked his syllabus, and corrected himself: not 900, more like 950 or so. Woops. His bad. Just the thought of actually having to even turn that many pages of various textbooks was enough to send my brain into Emergency Seizure Mode, wherein it prepared for shock to set in and then the convulsions to strike. Which, considering how depressing the lecture was about future statistical projections, and then about all the shit that can go wrong in life that can totally throw our communication systems out of whack, giving me plenty to worry myself sick over as it is... I found is an unnecessary stressor.

In years past, Mondays were generally days of badness, what with being the first day of the week and all. Fortunately, that's not the case anymore. I've found my savior in the form of Margarita Monday! A local Mexican-American style restaurant here has this every week ($2.50 margaritas!). I got invited to it because it's a big social gathering time. And lo and behold, even though it's not a weekend night, the margaritas sure come in handy! It's a great opportunity to socialize, and an equally great opportunity to not think about depressing shit you learned in class.

Oh, and it's a great way to celebrate just having bought hundreds of dollars worth of textbooks. Because how can you not drink to the fact your four classes require a whopping twelve textbooks between them. I'm so going to have to recycle every single piece of paper I encounter from now on just to assuage the guilt of all the trees that were used for only one semester of my graduate education. Or maybe I should just quit now and go plant trees for the rest of my life.