As it turns out, one very effective form of bonding time between gay men and lesbians is television. In the form of Sex and the City. Because what's not to love about a TV show that features vastly heterosexual characters. Talking about sex and relationships. That are heterosexual. Mostly. Sexual, anyway. Middle ground is the name of the game. Should you be thinking that a more culturally gay friendly show might be more effective, stop it! I tried the whole Project Runway thing already. It failed. Instead of being something that brought us, as roommates, together, I wound up making catty comments about the clothing or the bitchy rants and drama of the designers on screen, while my roommate stood awkwardly by for a couple of minutes before disappearing into her room and barricading herself in.

But when the topic is one that involves the love lives of four women in New York, it's a different story. Because gossiping about fictitious characters is infinitely more fun than listening to the whinings of a reality show. (I made no mention of making fun of said reality people in that statement; that part is still ridiculously fun. Actually, Project Runway is all around fun, but for the purpose of this argument, suffice it to say that it's not high on the list for stellar bonding time between gays of different sexes.)

We happened to watch one episode where the red-haired lawyer woman (names are so hard to remember for that show; it's probably because of all the sex talk) is mistaken for being a lesbian. Chuckles abounded at the cute little gay jokes that, unlike most jokes of their variety, actually left the characters wishing they were gay. How refreshing.

Unbeknownst to me until this past Monday (roughly), the Superbowl is coming up. I currently have no plans for the day, at least with regard to watching a football game. I haven't even been invited to any parties. And if the past few years' commercials are any indication, I'm not even going to watch any of those, either. I've already seen the sneak peek of the Pepsi commercial based on a classic Deaf joke anyway.