Somebody else in one of my classes shares my propensity for procrastinating on the purchase of textbooks. (Whether she also manages to write in such stunning alliteration, as I just have, remains to be seen.) See, I discovered that one of my teachers put all the textbooks on reserve for us to use. Of course, this teacher also expects us to do all the reading. Which is a total drag, and generally goes contrary to my nature. But because of its onlineness, coupled with said teacher's tendency to quote directly from the texts on her stupid quizzes, I just have to grin and bear it. So anyway. I go to check out the books yesterday, and get three of the four of them. The fourth, however, is conspicuously absent. A potential problem for yours truly. I utilized a student employee of the library to sleuth the truth (I'm on a roll!), and learned that it was due back today.

Returning today. Finding it absent once again. Deciding to wait it out. Fortune smiled, and the punk classmate (who I don't know, except to know that she's a punk, at least in this scenario; like it matters, though, the class is fucking online) returned with textbook in hand. And tried to recheck that shit out again! Oh, it was on.

Little did punk girl know, however, that student employee library girl was on my team. She totally had my back, and was able to secure the book for me to check out. And this matters because in grad school, doing all the work involved is life and death. It's cutthroat, bitches. Survival of the fittest ones that aren't about to get owned by some stupid online quizzes. And will use any and every means possible to beat you to checking out the book that has finally been purchased but has yet to arrive in the mail. So bring it on. I'm ready.