In an effort to actually make myself at home, I abandoned any and all attempts to study this afternoon. Having spent the last two and a half weeks cooped up (like a chicken, no less) in a tiny room in which I had to use my bed as my desk chair, I was ready to move up in the world. The other guy moved out today, which was my cue to divide and conquer. Conquer I did. Divide... I wish. I had to migrate, really. Which means that all my stuff that's in boxes can finally be broken free. This is significant for me because I've been without a good deal of my things that I rely on for general life purposes. Among such purposes, one of them includes staring at things. A very important part of everyday life, mind you. I had almost nothing to look at for nearly three weeks, except for the eyesore that consisted of all my junk piled everywhere, and I about died. I kid you not.

Speaking of dying, I put together my brand new desk chair from IKEA. Finally. It's adorable. It suits me nicely, and is probably the most comfortable computer chair I've ever owned. It's my first official "computer chair" so of course it's bound to be in the top ten. But death, I mentioned death. Yes. Assembly of this particular desk chair was precarious. Very simple, but it hasn't earned my full confidence that it won't, in fact, topple sideways whilst I'm sitting upon it. It seems to have a slight tilt to the right, see, so hence my first five minutes sitting in it consisted of me leaning violently to the left and gripping the table with claws extended and at the ready for about four of those minutes.

I've not yet spent a great deal of time in the chair. This could either mean that A. I really did fall and so am typing this from another point in the house or B. It's holding up just fine and there is absolutely no basis for my childish fear. The truth is closer to C. It's holding up just fine, but fear remains. No doubt it'll be one of those moments during which, once my phobia has waned or else disappeared completely, the thing will topple me righteously, and no amount of therapy thenceforth will ever cure me.