After watching the new episode of Project Runway tonight, I realized that my current living situation could probably double as the workroom on that show. Only instead of sewing machines and fabric everywhere, I've got a computer atop a very cluttered desk. And other very cluttered surfaces, such as on the printer cart and the little nightstand drawer thing. And boxes piled throughout the room. And piles of things all over the place that need to be sorted and organized. In between classes today, I ended up continuing to attack my room with gusto. I'm one of those people who can't be productive unless my living space is in decent order. And by 'decent', I mean that I have to know where everything is. I'm not immune to a somewhat messy room. But when everything is boxed up and I'm unable to find things I'll potentially need along the way, it kinda drives me insane.

In the spirit of keeping consistent with the show, I only worked until midnight before deciding to call it a night. I'll have tomorrow to hit it again, and I'll even have a small budget with which to go shopping and buy stuff like maybe some bookshelves or drawers or crazy storage devices of some kind. The possibilities are endless. Or as endless as they can get when one is on a grad school budget. Okay fine, the possibilities are limited. Whatever.

The good news of the evening is that the walls are no longer bare, and I can actually see the floor. Things are shaping up. Because the runway that is grad school is upon me, and I sorta need to get on that shit. In the spirit of Tim Gunn, though, I will make it work.