Apparently, the Grammy Awards are happening tonight. I didn't realize this until well after they started. While producers of the show were no doubt hoping to gain one more viewer to up their ratings, I totally disappointed them by NOT CARING. The new popular music scene is riveting, no doubt, but more for its flash in the pan (did I really just use that phrase) drama than anything else. Basically, I said "Screw the Grammys, I'm going to dinner." And promptly left for the busiest Chili's restaurant in the universe. I had to wait for a seat at 8:30 for a party of one. On a Sunday, no less. It proved, on the whole, to be a mediocre experience. Having spent pretty much my entire day working on a stupid project for my stupid online class, I was feeling pretty drained. Hence, escape to the restaurant. Where I sat alone and people watched. Which is only so exciting when everyone is just sitting around talking.

My server probably thought I was a total pig. Or else she just had a sick sense of humor. She'd come wandering by to dote on me, but every time she did so, I had only moments before taken a giant bite of my delicious black bean burger. My replies always consisted of me saying "I'm doing great!" through a mouthful of partially chewed food, making it sound more like "Ib dnngg grrrr." Very attractive and cosmopolitan, I know. That's what I'm all about.