So far, I've been living in LA for now a little over three weeks. While I'm gradually starting to meet people, I've not not really made any friends that I can comfortably "hang out" with. I'm sure that will come with time, so I'm being patient. Though as a generally social creature, that's not always easy for me. Since I arrived here, I happened to meet some people who get together every Monday night for "Margarita Monday." I've been going every week, and for the most part have enjoyed it. I've noticed a developing problem, however: the number of people I've actually come to like is far smaller than the number of those I've grown to more or less detest. Maybe 'detest' is too strong a word. Let me rephrase that statement to read: "the number of people I've actually come to like is far smaller than the number of people who require a relatively large quantity of alcohol to be consumed in order to actually enjoy their company."

At some point tonight, I stopped my feeble and useless (redundancy intended) attempts to actually engage others in conversation, and focused on finding an opportune time to get the hell out of there. While attempting to do so, I wound up meeting someone new who turned out to be quite fun to chat with, and as she said she'll probably be back next week, I may head back once again.

Of course, there could be a problem. If she, or anyone else whose company I'm actually able to stand (i.e. those who don't constantly talk about life in the fraternity and sorority--not that I'm against such talk, per se, but when it's the ONLY topic of conversation EVERY SINGLE WEEK, it gets kinda old), doesn't actually show up, how do I go about leaving pretty shortly after arriving? It seems awkward: "Oh, haha! Silly me, I just realized that I can't actually hang out for a few hours like I just said I could. Um, I'm supposed to do homework? You know, like I just swore I wouldn't do until the night before it's due? Yeah, I was 'just kidding!' Tee hee."

I'm not sure what to make of the situation. For the moment, I may keep on keeping on, at least until something better comes along. I'm not kidding myself, though; it's not about the need for company. It's all about the margaritas. Those things are fabulous.