Living in LA has a way of making you think you're losing your mind. On a daily basis, no less. And then it always takes a good slap in the face (from yourself) to realize that everyone else is insane, not you. Those crazy "pedestrian cross walk buttons" that cause lights in the road to suddenly flash and supposedly make it safe for people to cross when there's no traffic light? Crazy. Even more crazy are the people who go running up to push the button and then leap into the street to cross it. Because, you know, there's only half a dozen cars traveling 35-60 miles per hour on this street, all of which can stop on a dime (I originally had typed dame by mistake; let's hope none of us stop on any dames). Unless, like me this evening, they happen to be halfway through the little crosswalk thing when you decide to Peter Pan it. I realize I'm attractive and all, but at least wait until my car comes to a complete stop before flinging yourself upon it.

Those crosswalks that allow pedestrians to walk diagonally across an intersection? Crazy. Especially because the first time I saw one of those things, I happened to actually BE a pedestrian, and thought people were putting themselves in mortal danger. Holy shit.

Those two guys who chased me in the grocery parking lot the other day? Fucking crazy. At least on that occasion, I knew I wasn't the one who was insane. All I wanted was my Quizno's sub sandwich, and you crazies decided to chase me into the store asking if I would buy you a sandwich or spare a dollar. Um, when you put it that way, SHIT NO. And for future reference, (in case one or both of the chasers happens to be reading this), running after a complete stranger in a parking lot is not the best of options when you're seeking some form of charity. Just a thought.