I've never felt so in touch with my vagina. Eve Ensler and an occasion known as V-Day have opened my eyes up even more into the world of women via a school production of The Vagina Monologues. Having only read a few of the monologues myself, and seeing a few performed for various theater classes I've taken, I decided it was high time I actually see the production. What I saw was a very powerful performance by a group of incredibly talented women. During the ninety minute production, I experienced a variety of emotion. There were times of extreme laughter, times of pain and sorrow, times of joy, times of aggression, and times of peacefulness.

Indeed, The Vagina Monologues expresses what is close to the hearts of women. But more importantly, it touches the lives of every human being, and it embraces life on every level.

The production I saw was not of individual women on stage, one at a time, as I had pictured in my mind it would be. Instead, it was a group of women, united as one on stage, each taking her turn to have her say. I was honored to be granted the privilege of being present in that moment, and of getting this special glimpse into the lives of those around me.

After the fact, I'm reminded of how powerful words can be. It's impossible to see this show and not be moved. The more people who see this production, and others that strive to touch our hearts in similar ways, the better this world will be.