Good grammar skills do not come with Ph.D.s, I'm finding. I refer to writing here, and the use of run on sentences and inappropriate commas. And the fact that authors of certain textbooks, as well as my esteemed professor for my online class, all seem to constantly need to repeat themselves, that is, they say the same things twice. I probably wouldn't mind it so much, except it makes for such a huge workload, that is, there's too fucking much to do. All that reading and rereading and reiteration of the same thing instead of just saying exactly what they mean.

This is why I've decided to not waste my precious time on such menial tasks, as muddling through the sludge of the academician's poor excuse for writing. I'll instead find other texts to enjoy, that is, I'll read whatever the hell I want to and totally (or mostly) ignore what I'm "supposed" to be reading. But I won't feel guilty because I only want to read something that's of quality and substance, that is, nothing that I consider to be absolute shit due in large part to its excessive word count and abstruse generalizations about the mundane.

Just thinking about it all is putting me to sleep. Which seems like a wise course of action, indeed.