All in a Day's Work

A morning reminder that yes, I'm still in Academia, and yes, it's still pretty lame. A one hour and fifteen minute timed test is supposed to prove that you can write at a level consistent with one who has a college education, or one in my case, who's already in grad school. Why I had to take the stupid thing, I'm not sure. And why they felt that 75 minutes plus pen and paper equals a good measure of skill. So with any luck, the super rough draft I turned in will hopefully earn me the school's stamp of approval, despite having already admitted me. A day of mild study intermixed with some cleaning. Company was to be had, and I was given until 4pm to get everything in order.

An afternoon of more mild studying. Intermixed with some badgering on my part for my roommate to check the mail. It only took her an hour and a half's worth of my asking her about every 20-30 minutes or so, to actually go outside and get the mail.

An evening of excitement sparked by a certain item in the mail. A trip to the mall. Entering the bright lights of the store known as Apple. Three weeks of patiently waiting and carefully figuring out what would work best for me comes to an end. But more importantly, a beginning.

A night of organizing and rearranging my desk and parts of my room. Setting up the new addition. Turning it on and being thrilled by the ease with which it runs. Transferring files. Making it mine. Testing it out. Writing some emails. Scoring some much-needed software updates. Typing a blog entry.

A busy Saturday indeed. And with the exception of a certain 75 minutes, an all-around bitchin' day.