I'm working on a take-home portion of an exam for one of my classes. Basically, I'm supposed to create a table that charts "observable" behavior that indicates a certain level of communication. The age range is supposed to be 0-24 months. While the assignment isn't exactly holding my interest, what IS holding my interest is that for all I know, I could be an infant. Just this weekend, I exhibited a number of characteristics that would lead one to believe that I am, in fact, less than two years of age.

  • Identifies self in mirror - I did that just this morning, when I looked up after brushing my teeth and started at the sight of bed head staring back at me.
  • Finds partially hidden object - I couldn't find my keys when I went to go out last night, and thus tossed my room for the better part of ten minutes before I realized they were in my jacket pocket. Partially.

And the list goes on. I'd write more, only I'm feeling unequal to the task because suddenly my body is all tired. And if I don't put myself to bed, I'll get all cranky and start crying. I'm sure my roommate would love that.