A whole lot is going on around here. I can barely keep everything in order. Which is why, for your reading pleasure, I’ve compiled things into a list. Fun!

  • I spent the last two days incommunicado, as several of you have noted. Turns out the server hosting my website was totally fucked, so ‘they’ve been working on it.’ Which is true, because it’s up now. It’s inconsistent, but with any luck it’s up to its usual speed and awesomeness fairly quickly. So all we can do at the moment is wait it out, I guess. While you’d think my website going offline would make me more productive in other areas in my life, such as school, you’d actually be wrong.
  • I had a rough week, but it’s ended nicely. I’ve gotten to put in some time working on a more personal theme for the stamp blog I run with my partner. If you have a moment, go check it out. We’re getting the hang of the whole craft blog thing, so there will be more to see there in the near future.
  • I was at the grocery store last night and encountered quite possibly the strangest and mind-blowing new food ever. Whilst picking out some Fuji apples, I noticed some apples in a plastic container. And I picked up on an odd smell, considering I was surrounded by apples. I wasn’t quite able place the smell until I read the container: “Grapples”. As in, apples that were genetically engineered to taste like grapes. Mind, you’re not allowed to eat them unless you pronounce the name properly: “Gr-ay-pple.” Wow. Science at it’s finest. “Hey Dr. Williams, let’s get going on this cancer treatment breakthrough!” “Not now, I just figured out how to fuck with people’s heads by making an apple taste like a grape!”
  • The law may have looked at radios, cell phones, make-up, and electric razors as potential hazards that can and do cause car accidents. But I doubt they’ve looked into spiders. Especially the ones that decided to move into your car and make their little web right by your visor in the driver’s seat. And then, while the car is moving, decide to mosey on down to see what’s with all the commotion, only to have a certain Phil yelp at the sight of you in your quarter-of-an-inch glory and then proceed to ignore the road and his fellow drivers as he fights for his life from the minute eight-legged beast. Next time, don’t startle me when I’m driving, lest I have to squash the life out of you again. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I didn’t get into an accident; I’m just fine, but the spider is no longer with us.