My roommate has the biggest, gaudiest clock in the history of the universe. No doubt she bought it because bigger is better. You can tell she bought it within the last five months or so too, because she's clearly never experienced a time change with this, the Cadillac of clocks. Generally, I'm not terribly bothered by the time change. I just change the clock, and that's what time it is. Only now it's not that easy, see, because every time I'm in the kitchen and I look at the clock, it's wrong. I'd gotten used to the idea that the biggest clock is always correct, because bigger denotes authority, right? WRONG. Bigger is now an hour behind.

So this morning I'm making breakfast and I see that I've got like an hour to go before I have to go to work. Except when I run back to my room to grab something I see that I've only half an hour to just barely be on time (I usually like to go in early in order to mosey in, rather than run).

And then tonight I'm eating dinner at the kitchen counter. (The dining room table never actually gets used; I set my keys on there once and got berated for that, because what if the table gets a scratch? May Zeus strike me dead if that ever happens. For the record, the worst my keys did to the table was to move some of the layers of dust that would have been on the table if my roommate didn't dust it religiously.) I decide to watch something on TV while I eat. The Office! Sex and the City! The Colbert Report! And when I check the time before I head back to my room, it's only 9:00! Wow, early! Except it's 10:00. Bastard clock!

Instead of trying to change said bastard clock, I'm voting we just get rid of the damn thing. Somehow, I don't think my roommate would agree with me, though. Call it a hunch.