While midterms don't generally lend themselves to be very interesting times, I'm lucky the news has been so exciting lately. I woke up to news about the illustrious sex life of one Eliot Spitzer. I've no opinion one way or another about the man, because I know pretty much nothing about him. You have to give him some credit though, for at least paying for some action, unlike some people. The one thing about Spitzer that gets me is this: what was the "official wiretap" that picked up his private business? It seems to me that something like this should be between Spitzer and his wife, not the public at large. In other fantastically fun news, I got a delightful email from my cousin earlier this week. She normally sends me great forwards from the south that talk about rednecks and illiteracy. And this one was no different, now that I think about it. Here's an excerpt from the email:

But for minorities, and in particular blacks, this election represents a moment of long-awaited validation. There is no question that the election of an African-American president will empower the blacks of this country. Don't misunderstand me - this is not a racist statement, this is just a fact, and in many respects this could be a good thing. But there is no denying the sense of audacious rebellion that constantly simmers in much of the black community, particularly with the youth of the large metropolitan areas. I have some concern that the election of a black president will take us back to a consciousness that promotes the power of race over intelligence, reason, and the value of law, and that this may divide black and whites more than uniting them. I hope that I'm wrong.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but would not the fact that we've never once had an African American candidate make it this far in the presidential race be promoting race over intelligence? I would venture a guess that the author of this "article", one Michael Reisig, has spent too much time reading the papers and not enough time in the real world.