Because I’m on spring break, and because I’ve been inundated with totally awesome company, let’s do another list of things that distract me.

  • California drivers distract me. It’s not really that there’s a whole bunch of beautiful people around. It’s more the driving “culture”, if you will. Tonight I’m driving home from the store. I turn right onto the main street home, and someone turns left at the same exact time. A someone who I couldn’t see because, well, it was 9:30 pm. And the giant extended cab pickup truck didn’t have any lights on. Bitch turned on his lights when he almost hit me. Thoughtful of him, I know.
  • Bravo Reality TV shows distract me. First Kathy Griffin’s Life on the D List. Then Project Runway. Now America’s Next Top Model. And hi, Top Chef Chicago. I love how Top Chef always has to have some short, spiky-haired butch lesbian on the show. I love that show because I took chef classes for a year, and damn, it’s hard to try new things with food. It makes me harken back(I originally typed “bake”; I must be hungry) to days when I didn’t live with the Passive-Aggressive OCD Roommate of Destruction.
  • There’s these posters and billboards going up all over LA that are totally distracting me. They say super creative things like “You suck Sarah Marshall” and “My mom always hated you Sarah Marshall.” The ads point you to a website,, which is a “blog” written by one Peter Bretter. Naturally, it’s not anything real. It’s for an upcoming movie. So instead of using standard previews, you get a glimpse of the movie via the dude’s blog, and also the devoted fan site to the dude’s estranged ex-girlfriend. It’s an interesting advertising tactic. And a distracting one, that’s for sure.
  • My partner is coming to town tomorrow. I haven’t seen him since I moved here in January. I’m so excited that it’s taken me over half an hour to type this out (because I’m so distracted, obviously).