Because I got totally distracted thinking about how my partner was going to come to town, I completely forgot to add one item of distraction to my list yesterday. How appropriate.

  • Parents with little children distract me. Sometimes. As was the case last night at Costco. The craving for a Costco Hebrew National hot dog overcame me, so I stood in the mass of people vying for a chance to order some food. WHen I finally sat down to eat, it was delicious. And all of a sudden, a family of four arrived: mother, father, son (age 4), son (age 2). Though I know of several people who are much better much better mothers than I am, I couldn't help but wonder about the 2-year-old with a pacifier in his mouth. On the one hand, I think to myself, "two isn't all that old. But then I see the kid, who's sitting in the main body of the shopping cart, climb out of the thing and leap to the ground, a process that took him less than a minute. Which is faster than I could do it, especially without first tipping over and crashing and destroying myself completely. So I guess what I'm wondering is this: why is he the one with the pacifier?

Okay, so that's the last of the distraction list. For now. Robert arrived right on time, and despite our totally standing and staring at the wrong baggage claim for half an hour, we got his stuff and he's officially here for the next week. A week whose hours and minutes need to pass as slowly as possible, for me to completely max out every moment I spend with the poor man. Tonight was "Welcome to Los Angeles" night. We got to play in traffic (which consisted of nearly getting hit only half a dozen times), eat some delicious California Pizza, and generally galavant around town shopping and doing whatever we pleased.

I've been full of energy all day, and Robert has travel weariness mixed in with a time zone shift. Which will totally be cured by tomorrow, when we'll take LA by storm. Margaret Cho, we're coming for you!