And to think I draw that well using ink.

My two-week spring break of fortitude and awesomeness is now over. Thanks to my proper Jewish upbringing, I've never before taken an extra week off from classes, but if there's any occasion that warrants the extended break, it would be the visit of someone special. In my case, it was my wonderful partner Robert. I was pretty much ready to execute a plan to have all atomic clocks and satellites that keep time destroyed, or else do whatever it took to stop the hands of time so that the week would last forever. Translation: it was pretty much the best week ever. Unfortunately, I had neither the means nor the man-power to execute said plan, and he's had to return home. Naturally, I'm eagerly awaiting our next chance to be reunited. In the meantime, though, it's been back to the grind for yours truly. Today was my first day back to classes, and I wasn't exactly motivated. It wound up being fine, and now I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. My first semester of graduate school is only six weeks away from completion! One thing that certainly helped was returning to a certain man-hating class and discovering that I rocked the shit out of my first exam.

This particular class is three hours long, and my teacher has a distinct proclivity for forcing us to stay the entire time. That is, she likes to keep us those last two minutes, even when she's already covered everything she intended to cover.

As a grad student, it's obviously my duty to take the best notes possible. Having gotten this far, it's a given that I'm an expert note-taker. And I'm always prepared for class. Hence why I'm never prepared for class (such as tonight, when I showed up to class without the current handouts we were to cover, made available to us on the inter-web). And also hence why my notes look like this:

That's a view of my notes from class today. I like to think that the doodles are topically inspired. The mountains on the far right were drawn while were discussing sense of direction. The hot dog on the top right was my stomach talking. The horned skull in the middle of the page on the left probably reflected how I felt at that point in class. And Lobster Man is pretty self-explanatory.