To say that the margaritas at the restaurant were good, at least in terms of good flavor, would be rather difficult. Difficult because they were packed with alcohol. Which is why I had only one, because damn. Last night, having headed out for a solo night on the town (wherein I had a great time but also got hit on by Don Juan's tall, dark, cousin), I decided that a day spent at home relaxing was very much in order. I was, ideally, supposed to be productive. Here's what I accomplished:

  • Watched Sweeney Todd on DVD.
  • Avoided my roommate.
  • Didn't get enough homework done (so lots of that tomorrow).
  • Went to see Tommy at the university theater. And loved it.
  • Went out for a late dinner with some friends.
  • Gorged myself and socialized, all while consuming one of the most alcohol-intense margaritas ever.

So although I had intended to be more studious, I'd say I was damn productive. It's all a matter of perspective, really, but I did a lot today. And it was awesome.