I'm a world-class champion procrastinator. While some people claim that they work better under pressure, I only claim to do so in a limited sense. The reason for the procrastination generally lays in how useful I deem something to be. If it doesn't seem like it has much point or purpose, and it's not pressing enough to make me think I'll die if I don't do it, then it's probably not going to get done until that near-death moment. I had an awesome weekend that ended up consisting of very little homework, until today. Today came, and while I worked throughout the day, I didn't plow through things like I should have. It's amazing how hungry you get when you're writing an eight-page paper about how a private practice files its clients' paperwork. And when you're learning about all the different ways there are to repair errors in conversation (self-initiated! or other-initiated!), that news story about puppies being more frequently assigned human names is hella cool.

I'm proud to report that in the space of four hours, I managed to churn out over fifteen pages of written homework. The quality itself is questionable, but the time alone should merit some kind of award because that's damn fast. And even though it's nearly 3am, it's okay because this is what graduate school is all about. I mean, if it wasn't written after midnight, then it wasn't written by a grad student, right? Right.